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Some of this information is for a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria P71, but much should be relevant for more makes/models/years.
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Air/Fuel Delivery
Engine Performance/Swaps
Engine Specifications
Automatic Transmission
Manual Transmission
Part Numbers
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My 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

CrownVic.net - drock96Marquis' Homepage [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - ONP/Recall Information [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Technical Articles/Submissions [local mirror]
GDMJoe.com - GDMJoe's Portal [local mirror]
MitchsPlace.com - Crown Vic Homepage [local mirror]
MoldyRabbit.com - Liquid's 1999 Crown Vic Victoria LX HPP [local mirror]
P71Interceptor.com - Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Information [local mirror]
TCCoA.com - Tech Articles [local mirror]

Make/Model Information:

Model Information/Changes:

CrownVic.ca - FAQ: 1992+ Panther Platform Body Part Interchange [local mirror]
Mcsmk8.com - 1992 Crown Victoria Touring Sedan - P75 [local mirror]
MoldyRabbit.com - Liquid's Crown Victoria Yearly Changes [local mirror]
P71.ca - Crown Victoria / Grand Marquis / Town Car Fuel Economy from 1984 - 2011

Wikipedia.org - Ford LTD Crown Victoria [local mirror]
Wikipedia.org - Ford Crown Victoria [local mirror]
Wikipedia.org - Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor [local mirror]

Bondurant/Roush Crown Victorias:

Autoblog.com - eBay Find of the Day: Ex-Bondurant Cobra-engined Roush Ford Crown Victoria [w/video] [local mirror]
Jalopnik.com - For $22,995, Become Crown Victorious [local mirror]
Supermotors.net - Manual Crown Victoria drifting at the Bondurant Driving School [local mirror]

Kenny Brown Panther Crown Victoria:

YouTube.com - Kenny Brown P2 Panther on Motorweek [local mirror]

2013 Ford Police Interceptors:

FordPoliceInterceptor.com - Ford Next-Generation Police Interceptor

RealArtUSA.com - 2013 Fleet Preview Guide [local mirror]
RealArtUSA.com - 2013 Police and Special Vehicles Brochure [local mirror]
2013 Sedan Police Interceptor Content Guide
2013 Utility Police Interceptor Content Guide

VIN Information:

PoliceCars.us - Crown Victoria VIN Decoder [local mirror]
ResearchManiacs.com - VIN/Window Sticker Lookup
ThomasAutoSupply.com - VIN Locations [local mirror]



CrownVic.net - 92+ Panther Fluid/Filter specifications [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Cleaning the Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - FEAD Belt Routing Diagrams [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Panther Maintenance Schedules [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Sparkplugs 101 [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Transmission Fluid and Filter Change [local mirror]

Sylvania.com - Lamp Replacement Guide


Ford Motor Company OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Code Definitions
2004 Crown Victoria Dash / Instrument Cluster and Panel Illumination Troubleshooting
CrownVic.net - Diagnostic Trouble Codes list (OBDI/II + Airbags) [local mirror]

Air/Fuel Delivery:


CrownVic.net - The "MZT" and some popular bolt-ons [local mirror]
P71.ca - F-150 Airbox

Fuel Delivery:

CrownVic.net - P1233 Fuel Pump Driver Module Off Line?? [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - FPDM/Fuel Pump Driver Module Ground Issue on 2003 [local mirror]
SVTPerformance.com - Fuel System Is Finished! - Fore Hat, Twin GT Pumps, -8 Line, Dual FPDM [local mirror]
SVTPerformance.com - Modified FPDM and BAP or Dual FPDMs? [local mirror]
WestCoastMustangs.com - Dual FPDM Conversion Parts / Schematic


AccufabRacing.com - Mustang 4.6 2V Plenum Flow Results [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Accufab Plenum Install on DBW [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - How to install an Accufab Upper plenum on a 2003 Crown Victoria [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Plenum Porting: How-To + Info [local mirror]
ModularDepot.com - The 2V Plenum Showdown Part 1 [local mirror]
ModularDepot.com - The 2V Plenum Showdown Part 2 [local mirror]
P71.ca - Trickflow Plenum Install

Throttle Body:

AllFordMustangs.com - Half-shafting your throttle body. Here's how! [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Throttle Body Upgrade, under $40! [local mirror]
P71.ca - FRPP 70mm Throttle Body Install


RCPCanada.com - Ford 6G Replacement Part List [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Alternator Nut Size [local mirror]

CrownVic.net - 1992+ Panther Fuse and Relay Charts [local mirror]

Powerstream.com - Wire Gauge and Current Limits Including Skin Depth and Strength


TCE Big Brake Kits / Stainless Steel Braided Hoses


CrownVic.net - Contour Electric Fan Conversion [local mirror]



CrownVic.net - Driveshaft Critical Speeds [local mirror]
MetcoMotorsports.com - Metco Driveshaft Safety Loop [local mirror]


CPA5OHtech - Complete 8.8 Rebuild [local mirror]
PrecisionGear.com - Gearing Contact Patterns [local mirror]


CrownVic.net - Panther Wheel & Tire Swap FAQ [local mirror]


4.6 V8:

CrownVic.net - 4.6 SOHC compatiblity FAQ [local mirror]

P71.ca - A/C Bypass
TorkTech.com - Tork Tech Supercharger Kits

YouTube.com - 650 RWHP Police Car - Crown Vic Cobra Swap [local mirror]

5.4 V8:

CrownVic.net - 5.4 Swap FAQ's [local mirror]

P71.ca - ottawanker 4.6 vs BBHS 5.4 in Crown Vic

YouTube.com - Lightning Swapped Crownvic [local mirror]

5.8 V10 (1999 Mustang Test Mule):

Mustang50Magazine.com - Boss 351 V-10 Mustang - Ford Gives This Boss Mustang a Monster V-10 [local mirror]
YouTube.com - Ford Mustang V10 Test Mule [local mirror]
YouTube.com - Mustang V10 Mule [local mirror]

6.8 V10:

HotRod.com - Crown Vicarious - A V-10 Vic With Hints of the '03 Marauder [local mirror]
Jalopnik.com - For $15,000, Join The Mod Squad - 6.8 V10 Crown Vic [local mirror]

460/7.5 V8:

GrandMarq.net - 460 in a Vic? [Local Mirror]

GrandMarq.net - Mustang Bob's Album: 91 460 [Local Mirror]

LincolnVsCadillac.com - 90 Town Car 460 Svo Loaded!!! [Local Mirror]

1FSTCAT's 460 Crown Vic:
Network54.com - The saga of the 460 Crown Vic continues [Local Mirror]
Network54.com - Tried a new carb on the 460 Crown Vic - no dice - LONG [Local Mirror]
CrownVic.net - Updates on my 460, 91 Box [Local Mirror]
GrandMarq.net - 460 in the panther [Local Mirror]
CrownVic.net - 460 Vic - Limited success! [Local Mirror]
Youtube.com - 460 Powered Crown Vic Dyno Video [Local Mirror]

SpeedwayMotors.com - Big Block 429-460 Ford Cross Member Mount


YouTube.com - Crown Vic with a Cummins 4bt Diesel Walk Around [local mirror]
YouTube.com - Ford Diesel Police Car [local mirror]

Autoblog.ca - Man gets bored, builds Family Truckster [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Crossbreed Haters Beware... [local mirror]
LS1Tech.com - LS Crown Vic? [local mirror]
LS1Tech.com - You think you hate it now, wait till you drive it. [local mirror]
MercuryMarauder.net - I present to you the first and the only... LSX swapped Marauder [local mirror]

Engine Specifications:

Wikipedia.org - Ford Modular Engine [local mirror]

Ford Engine Block Weight (Approximate):

Windsor 5.0 Iron: 135 lbs
Windsor 5.0 Aluminum: 100 lbs
Windsor 5.8 Iron: 175 lbs
Windsor 5.8 Aluminum: 125 lbs
Modular 4.6 Romeo Iron: 155 lbs
Modular 4.6 Teksid Aluminum: 85 lbs
Modular 4.6 Explorer Aluminum: 80 lbs
Modular 5.4 Iron NVH: 200 lbs
Modular 5.4 Aluminum: 110 lbs

Ford Engine Bore:

Windsor 5.0/5.8: 4.000"
Modular 4.6/5.4/6.8: 3.552"
Modular Big-Bore: 3.700"

Ford Engine Stroke:

Windsor 5.0L: 3.00"
Windsor 5.8L: 3.50"
Modular 4.6L: 3.543"
Modular Stroker "4.6L": 3.750"
Modular 5.4L: 4.16"

Ford Engine Deck Height Clearance:

Windsor 5.0: 0.011-0.034"
Windsor 5.8: ???
Modular 4.6: 0.012-0.015"
Modular 5.4: 0.120"
Modular HeadGasket Thickness: 0.036"

Ford Engine Piston Volume (Dish):

Windsor 5.0 (1991 Crown Vic): ? cc
Windsor 5.8 (1991 Crown Vic): ? cc
Modular 2V NPI: 10.49 cc
Modular 2V PI: 17 cc
Modular 4V: 3 cc

Ford Engine Combustion Chamber Volume:

Windsor 5.0 (1991 Crown Vic): ? cc
Windsor 5.8 (1991 Crown Vic): ? cc
Modular NPI 2V: 50 cc
Modular SVO NPI 2V: 51 cc
Modular PI 2V: 44 cc
Modular Trickflow Twisted Wedge TFS-51910001-M38, TFS-51910003-M38: 38 cc
Modular Trickflow Twisted Wedge TFS-51900002-M44, TFS-51900004-M44: 44 cc
Modular 4V: 52cc


P71Interceptor.com - Exhaust System Notes - Pictures/Part Numbers [local mirror]
Kook's Headers and Exhaust Systems
Mandrel Bending Solutions Exhaust Systems
OBX Headers and Exhaust Systems
Stainless Works Headers and Exhaust Systems



Coil Spring Specialties
Eaton Springs

Control Arms:

ADTR.net - Heinous Control Arms [local mirror]
ADTR.net - Metco Aero Control Arms [local mirror]
MetcoMotorsports.com - Metco Control Arms [local mirror]
MetcoMotorsports.com - Metco Watts Link [local mirror]
P71.ca - Sparta Rear Control Arm Installation
SpartaPerformance.com - Sparta Control Arms [local mirror]
SpartaPerformance.com - Sparta Control Arm Installation Instructions [local mirror]
SpartaPerformance.com - Sparta Watts Link [local mirror]

Automatic Transmission:

CrownVic.net - Ford 4R70W Transmission Upgrade (J-Mod) for Late Model Crown Vic/Grand Marquis/Marauder [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - J-MOD - AODE/4R70W transmission upgrade tech [local mirror]
TCCoA.com - Ford Overdrive Transmissions 101 by Jerry Wroblewski [local mirror]
AODE/4R70W/4R75W/4R70E/4R75E Expanded

Wikipedia.org - Ford AOD Transmission [local mirror]

Ford AOD Automatic Transmission Gear Ratios:

1st: 2.40
2nd: 1.47
3rd: 1.00
4th: 0.67

Ford 4R70W Automatic Transmission Gear Ratios:

1st: 2.84
2nd: 1.55
3rd: 1.00
4th: 0.70

Manual Transmission:

CrownVic.net - Manual Transmission for the Crown Vic [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - The Official Manual Transmission Swap [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - 5-Speed Manual Crown Vic Take 2 [local mirror]

Wikipedia.org - Tremec TR-3650 transmission [local mirror]
Wikipedia.org - Borg-Warner/Tremec T-56 transmission [local mirror]

Tremec TR-3650 Manual Transmission Gear Ratios (2004 Ford Mustang):

1st: 3.38
2nd: 2.00
3rd: 1.32
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.67
5th (Mach 1): 0.62

Borg-Warner/Tremec T-56 Manual Transmission Gear Ratios (2004 Ford Mustang Cobra):

1st: 2.66
2nd: 1.78
3rd: 1.30
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.79
6th: 0.63

Part Numbers:

CrownVic.net - '92-'97 Crown Victoria Parts List [local mirror]
CrownVic.net - Stock Part Numbers [local mirror]
GDMJoe.com - 2003-2007 Parts List [local mirror]
GDMJoe.com - 2003 Accessories [local mirror]
P71.ca - Parts List

Automotive Calculators:

1/4 Mile Calculators:

1/4 Mile Speed and ET Calculator
Bench Race Two Cars Against Each Other

Standing Mile Calculators:

Standing Mile Speed Calculator

Engine Calculators:

Engine Compression Ratio and Displacement Calculator

Gear Ratio Calculators:

What Speed at Different RPMs
What RPM at Different Speeds

Horsepower Calculators:

Horsepower at a Different Boost Pressure
Boost Pressure Needed for Specific Horsepower

Shift Point Calculators:

Shift Point RPM Calculator
Shift Point Speed MPH RPM Calculator

Tire Calculators:

Tire Size Calculator
Tire Circumference Needed to Maintain Effective Gearing after Rear End Change
Axle Ratio Needed to Maintain Effective Gearing after Tire Change


Facebook FAQs:

Intake Manifold FAQ
Towing FAQ

Vendor/Forum/Group Links:

Vendor/Forum/Group Links